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The Winmark C-Suite Platform is an extension of the Winmark membership where         C-Suite executives meet in-person throughout the year at events that are designed around each function. Our new online network remains exclusive to C-Suite members, across all industries, to help them learn from their peers, engage in conversations, and share knowledge and experiences. 

To access online community you need to be a member. Certain areas of the platform will be restricted to particular member groups.

Rooms:  If you want to host a discussion on a specific topic or issue, this is the place for it. Our rooms are set around particular C-Suite functions and departments i.e. one room for a C-Suite member and another for his or her team. You will find our rooms filled with a library of meeting notes, ‘peer consults’, best practice guides, tool-kits and templates (function maps, bench-marking tools, policies), all timely and relevant. Within these rooms you will have the opportunity to have private, candid, and informed discussions with your peers. 

C-Suite Themes: Our 2020 programme is built around four key themes - people, culture, technology and innovation. It is within each of these themes you will find content that cuts across the C-Suite, offering a diverse range of perspectives and featuring an impressive range of subject matter experts who are addressing your main challenges for the year.

Member search: This is where you can search and view all of our C-suite members. Click on 'Our Members' from the drop-down menu and the list can be filtered by sector and function. Keywords can be entered into the search bar and it will search the whole site. Video content and PDFs are not directly searchable but titles, introductions and copy are, so bear this in mind when uploading.

Ask an expert: Got a question you want help with? Ask an expert is a Q&A forum where

you can tap into the expertise and experience of your peers. 

Features: Join in with the community and Like, Comment, Follow: These social features on the site allow our members to engage with content and each other more fully.

Video Panels: We really love this feature. Any member can host a video discussion, for up to 10 people, that can then be posted and replayed on the site.

You can read our community policy HERE

How to use the platform

Creating your profile: Click on the avatar in the top right hand corner and select 'Edit Profile' from the drop-down. Simply upload a profile picture, add your company name, a short tagline and a brief bio. You can also add your contact /social media details if you wish. 

Adding content: Uploading is easy, just click the 'Upload' icon (top right), select a file to upload and populate the fields. If you need help, just ask!

Technical: Videos must be smaller than 500mb. PDF files are great  - sorry but we cannot accept word or PPT docs (we are working on it). 

Winmark Global C-Suite Platform

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