C-Suite Intelligence 9th November 2020

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Seven tips to help get agility right


As more organisations continue down the path toward agility, the desired benefits can remain elusive. Seven tips can help enterprises get it right.
  1. Measure value, not performance.
  2. Define products based on business objectives, not existing systems or capabilities.
  3. Empower team decision-making rather than forcing top-down constraints.
  4. Ensure product owners directly engage with customers.
  5. Identify skills and define roles based on the needs of the new model.
  6. Steer change management toward continual improvement.
  7. Bond leadership success to business outcomes.


State of the markets 2020 Q4 report


These key takeaways from the latest SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) ‘State of the Market’ report highlight how the innovation economy continues to be resilient, and is poised for continued success amid the ‘new normal’.

Research shows the power of the professional community

Bain & Company

Most CMOs recognise the need to build trust with their customers. This research study shows that, in general, they underestimate the power of the professional community. ‘Winning marketers’, i.e. those that achieve above average ROI, use professional communities effectively.

Among the specific actions CMOs can take to raise engagement are the following.
  • Create spaces that generate conversations by developing online user groups or support forums.
  • Disseminate insights throughout the professional community.
  • Fill an unmet need by publishing on areas of expertise, providing access to experts, and offering training, certifications and awards.

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