C-Suite Intelligence 9th December 2020

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Managing an underperformer who thinks they’re doing great

Harvard Business Review

Almost every leader has been in the uncomfortable position of managing someone who thinks their performance is terrific when it’s actually just adequate, or worse.

These five approaches will help you correct the problem behaviours:

  1. Be clear about expectations.
  2. Provide employees with resources and support.
  3. Determine whether you’re willing to continue investing in the individual.
  4. Assess whether they’ll accept help.
  5. Target praise carefully.

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Building a great digital business

McKinsey & Company

In recent months, many companies have rushed to build digital businesses to overcome pandemic-induced disruptions and address shifts in customer behaviour.

In this podcast transcript, two McKinsey experts are joined by Wendy Barnes, the president of Express Scripts’ home-delivery business, to explore how to develop a digital offering quickly and effectively despite ongoing economic uncertainty.


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Edge computing: the basics


Edge computing promises cost efficiencies and lower latency. As with all new tech, each business will need to assess whether edge computing suits them. For organisations that require faster speeds, lower lag time and less bandwidth consumption the technology could enable a cutting-edge future.

This article helps you understand the basic concepts, advantages and disadvantages of edge computing.


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