C-Suite Intelligence 8th June 2020

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Develop your cyber resilience plan
MIT Sloan Management Review
Cybersecurity and cyber resilience are distinct concerns, and understanding the difference is key to preparing an effective response to cyberthreats. The misconception that a cybersecurity program can substitute for cyber resilience is potentially disastrous.

While cybersecurity focuses on keeping attackers out, cyber resilience aims to minimise the damage caused by attackers who do manage to penetrate networks.
The four-phase cyber resilience framework described here - preparation, detection, response, and recovery - can enhance an organisation’s capacity to sustain operations through a cyberattack while minimising both disruption and reputational harm.


Three critical actions for adapting to the post-COVID world

This article identifies three critical actions for adapting to the post-COVID world, based on discussions with two renowned Stanford Graduate School of Business professors about the lessons they have learnt from their work with top CEOs.  
Personalising change management in the smartphone era
McKinsey & Company
CEOs know that successful organisational change requires convincing big groups of geographically dispersed people to think, act, and approach their work differently. And this is devilishly hard, as human beings are motivated by many things, have different fears and aspirations, feel varying levels of empowerment and commitment, and tend to be reluctant to change in the first place.
Undifferentiated approaches that don’t carefully consider employees’ mindsets will fall flat and may even breed cynicism that saps morale and undermines progress.
The thinking of analytical pioneers such as Instagram, Netflix, and Spotify, who are all adept at tailoring products to meet individualised preferences via apps and other easy-to-use digital platforms, can be applied to organisational change.
This article provides a case study of a global manufacturer’s ongoing experiment in tech-infused mass personalisation which shows how smart combinations of digital technology, analytics, and behavioural science can make change more inclusive and persuasive.
How consumer behaviour has changed during lockdown
As lockdown begins to lift, CMOs and their marketing departments want to understand how consumers will have changed. Will they go back to their old habits and behaviours? What should they be communicating, and how?
This Opinium report, ‘Marketing in a crisis: The calm before the (next) storm’ provides insights into changing consumer attitudes and expectations that can help inform future communications strategies. 

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