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Crisis leadership: four essential behaviours based on 21,000 leadership assessments

Harvard Business Review

The roles and responsibilities of business leaders have dramatically changed in the past few weeks. Before COVID-19, CEOs and other executives were focused on fostering innovation, driving revenue, and gaining market share.  

Today, many of those same leaders must make rapid decisions about controlling costs and maintaining liquidity. They may encounter unforeseen roadblocks — supply chain issues, team shortages, and operational challenges — that drastically alter the scope of their roles and priorities. All the while, they and their teams are navigating health and safety concerns, working remotely, and supporting their families through the pandemic.  

This is not an easy transition. Those in charge will be tested in areas where they have not fully developed their leadership muscles, and the learning curve will be steep. They will need coaching from their own bosses and others.  

Having conducted more than 21,000 leadership assessments among C-suite executives, ghSMART has learned that to move forward in a crisis, leaders need to cultivate four behaviors in themselves and their teams. 

  • Decide with speed over precision
  • Adapt boldly
  • Reliably deliver
  • Engage for impact

For full details of the components of these behaviours follow this link.



Leadership lessons for turbulent times
Effective leadership is vital in unsettling times like this because the disruption is tough and tricky. Turbulence isn’t necessarily a problem to be solved but to be managed. We offer these takeaways from observing  strong leaders manage their businesses and succeed far more often than they falter: 
  • Care for yourself and those around you.
  • Over-communicate.
  • Take advantage of the urgency
  • Seize the unexpected advantages that troubling times trigger 
For full details follow this link.

Coronavirus 2020 technology game plan
CIO Dive
In 2020, businesses will execute two distinct technology strategies: during and post-pandemic. Agility and adaptation to cut costs, accelerate business transformation and increase automation will define business success.

How are organizations reconfiguring business continuity plans to adjust for immediate demand and long-term technology requirements?
COVID-19: queries relating to force majeure - the main legal principles and practical considerations in a nutshell.
Clyde & Co

Force majeure clauses are fairly common in commercial contracts but there is no standalone concept of 'force majeure' under the laws of England & Wales. Accordingly, such clauses are creatures of the contracts in which they appear, and their scope and effect will depend on the wording in question.
Clyde & Co summarise the main legal principles and practical considerations you need to take into account.

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