C-Suite Intelligence 7th December 2020

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Employee Wellbeing Report -and opportunity to contribute to follow-up study


LCP (Winmark’s AHN network partner) recently published their flagship report ‘Employee Wellbeing: the state of the nation's financial health’. Based on a study of 10,000 UK employees, the report identifies the impacts of financial pressure on behaviour, relationships and job performance.

A follow up study is being conducted and LCP would appreciate your time to answer five simple survey questions to help understand the view of senior professionals in a few key areas of interest - please complete by Friday 11th December.

Read the 2020 Employee Wellbeing Report>>

Access the survey>>



First impressions can make or break a new CEO

London School of Economics

Rather than make a splash, new CEOs should listen, build trust and prepare the ground for bigger things to come, according to research by the London School of Economics. The research suggests there are some simple principles that new CEOs should follow:

  • Every word counts. Initial communications should be clearly thought through, planned out, and controlled. It should not be underestimated or even delegated.
  • Listen rather than speak. As a newcomer, even very experienced executives are well advised to withstand the temptation to offer advice too quickly and listen to understand the new context.
  • Engage in principles based communication. New CEOs should focus on communicating what they stand for as a leader.
  • Build the network. CEOs need to build a strong roster of internal allies within and beyond the top management team.
  • Refrain from misguided early action. Instead of aggressively engaging in early actions, CEOs should weigh initial actions carefully and focus on learning about the organisation.

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A Guide to Virtual Onboarding

Network HR

With a large percentage of the workforce now working remotely we have witnessed a huge shift in onboarding processes being transferred online. Research shows that successful employee onboarding improves retention by 82%, so how do organisations get virtual onboarding right?

Winmark CHRO and CPO network partners Network HR (part of the Executive Network Group) have established a virtual onboarding guide to assist with this process. The guide is based on extensive research with client partners and candidates.

Download the guide here>>

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