C-Suite Intelligence 7th August 2020

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An epidemiologist on how to plan a return to the office
In this article we look at a few pieces of advice on how to plan a gradual return to the office. Employers should take care not to rush toward a pre-pandemic means of conducting business.

Take a slow, step-by-step approach. If your community is seeing heavy viral transmission right now, your best bet may be to pause your reopening plans. Waiting until your community has a better control on infection rates will reduce the likelihood of false (and potentially costly) stops and starts.

Read on for more advice, including how to enhance your business’ situational awareness to the development of the pandemic, extend working to outdoors, the need for better ventilation, and more.


How your organisation can nurture innovation better


Achieving large-scale cultural transformation is not an easy task. In fact, it’s not a “task” at all. It’s a legitimate strategy backed by fundamental shifts in mindset and internal organisation. Without those elements, companies risk triggering anxiety and stress among their employees – the last thing any CEO wants, especially during Covid-19 times.

There is no one recipe for a successful innovation culture. It is a combination of best practices and trial and error. After all, each company is unique and different strategies should be considered and adjusted.

Here are some recommended steps for achieving a culture of innovation:

1. Lead innovation by example
2. Encourage collaboration
3. Engage your people

Why your mindset around failure can make or break your success


How you mentally frame the inevitable setbacks you face in life is the key to building grit, resilience and, ultimately, achieving success.

Using the analogy of playing poker, this article looks at how changing mindsets can radically alter the reception of failure, and how it can pave the way for future success. 

The words you use to frame your current situation will change your mindset and elevate your mood. A positive mindset allows you to stay open to new possibilities where others see barriers, and a positive mood will lift your spirits and attract people in your life who will help, support or hire you. 


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