C-Suite Intelligence 6th October 2020

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Employee performance vs. company values: A manager’s dilemma

Harvard Business Review

In this fascinating podcast (available in both audio and transcript format) Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria discusses the classic case, “Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley.”

This hypothetical situation poses a complex dilemma: should Morgan Stanley promote a high performer who lacks interpersonal skills and brushes off company values? More subtly, the case also encourages reflection about the accountability of managers in an employee’s performance.




Future of work: how managers are harnessing employees’ hidden skills

Financial Times

This in-depth Financial Times article explores how some businesses are applying the lessons of lockdown to introduce new ways of organising and overseeing work.

Enterprise agility and experience management efforts work best when they work together

Strategy + Business

Leaders can find it difficult to scale agility and experience management (XM - tracking customer and employee data to identify and prioritise improvement opportunities) initiatives across their organisations.

In this article five specific actions leaders can take to address the challenges are discussed in detail:
  1. Foster shared executive ownership of agile and experience management.
  2. Plug any gaps in foundational agile and XM capabilities.
  3. Integrate customer experience directly into each agile team to inform priorities.
  4. Measure agile ways of working to enhance employee experience in agile teams.
  5. Drive accountability for experience and operational improvement.

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