C-Suite Intelligence 6th May 2020

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Four questions to consider that will help to meet the needs of your workforce while ensuring your organization continues to perform

What’s the best way to meet the physical and psychological needs of your workforce while ensuring your organization continues to perform?

Here are four questions to consider that can help you and your team strike that balance and guide your workforce through one of the most profound global challenges we have faced in decades. Follow the link for full details.
How aligned is your organization—both internally and externally—right now?

  • Reach out to your customers.
  • Reset your priorities.
  • Communicate, connect, repeat.

How is this pandemic affecting the way your organization operates?

  • Ensure your remote workers have the tools, technology, and training they need.
  • Keep an eye on decision-making and cross-functional coordination.
  • Encourage your workforce to come up with better ways of working.

What support do your employees need during this outbreak?

  • Be flexible.
  • Increase support for immediate managers.
  • Sustain a sense of community.

How does your organization need to evolve?

  • Focus on small wins and little innovations.
  • Identify new and emerging needs.
  • Conduct after action reviews.       




The five critical challenges for employee communication
Business Chief

On average a worker receives 120 emails per day, plus communications from other channels such as Slack, IM or Teams. They are also getting bombarded by emails from school, IM from friends and family and messages via Facebook and WhatsApp.

Nicole Alvino, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of SocialChorus outlines the key challenges in communicating to their workforce during this crisis and how they overcame them.

To reach all employees, across all channels, consistently.
  • Establish a source of truth for your company and communicate with one voice, so employees can separate rumours from facts and trust what they’re being told.
  • Reach every worker on every digital channel with the targeted, personalised information they need to respond in an emergency.
  • Use intelligent automation to certify message delivery, prompt response, and make sure your crisis communications are not just read but understood.
  • Track the success of crisis initiatives and measure the effectiveness of your communications using in-depth analytics.
  • Be prepared for emergency situations during COVID-19 and beyond – your stack and your workforce need to prepare for every twist and turn during this pandemic.

The increasing importance of public country-by-country reporting in Europe and the US, and how COVID-19 is changing the game


There has been an increasing amount of traction in Europe and the US regarding public country-by-country reporting (CbCR - i.e. showing revenue, profit, tax, capital and assets etc. on a country by country basis).

This is partly because tax as an ESG investment topic is receiving exponentially more attention from various constituencies. 

In addition, further traction on public CbCR may ensue due to the COVID-19 outbreak across Europe. Once the crisis is over, national policymakers around the world will be confronted, as in the last financial crisis, with footing the bill for the unprecedented current national fiscal spending.

As a result, fairness, transparency and efficiency of the tax system are likely to become even more important than they are today. Bob van der Made of PwC explains the issues.

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Best practices for ensuring secure, productive and motivated remote working

When working remotely, employees risk losing their sense of connectivity and team, not to mention opportunities for humour and lighter conversations.

The following practices can help ensure that  a sense of team is maintained and that the team experience is optimal. 

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