C-Suite Intelligence 6th July 2020

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Advice on how to get back to work with strength, focus and resilience
Bain & Company
Returning to work does not mean returning to the old ways of doing things. How can leadership teams build on experience to bring back a stronger, more focused, more resilient company?
This regularly updated article presents new data on the economy, results of worker surveys about returning to their work sites, and advice on worker protection best practices across industries. 

What COVID-19 is revealing about your customers and employees
Strategy + Business
COVID-19 is giving leaders the chance to learn more about their customers, the strengths and weaknesses of their processes and operations, their competition and their employees.
This article suggests what businesses can do with this knowledge to help them navigate a new path forward.
Opportunities for transformation
Roland Berger
Can we counteract the effects of this crisis in such a way that when it ends we move into a more efficient world? Can we accelerate transformation processes that we have not yet tackled with sufficient determination – especially digitalisation, sustainability, agility, ecosystem-based business models?
This article looks at some radical solutions that have been implemented during the crisis which have already proven their worth. In the healthcare system in particular, an area that was generally considered inflexible, over-regulated and complex, completely new processes have been implemented in short order. 
Economic conditions snapshot: McKinsey global survey results
McKinsey & Company
The responses to the latest McKinsey Global Survey on economic sentiment confirm the extent of the damage so far.

Respondents are much likelier now than in March to say their countries’ economies have declined substantially in recent months, and more than twice as likely to report substantially worse conditions in the global economy. Across geographies, vast majorities of executives everywhere but Greater China report economic declines in the past six months.

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