C-Suite Intelligence 5th October 2020

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Driving digital change during a crisis: The chief digital officer and COVID-19

McKinsey & company

Leading an organisation in a time of crisis is one of the greatest challenges a CDO can face. By demonstrating resilient leadership and a clear view of how to use digital to navigate the crisis, CDOs can help the business not just to survive but also to be ready for the next normal.

This podcast (available as audio or edited transcription) with Shweta Juneja, McKinsey partner in Johannesburg, and Alex Sukharevsky, senior partner in Moscow, provides an international perspective on how CDOs can use digital to navigate the current crisis.




How to use AI to become more resilient to cyber-crime


How can organisations use AI to become more resilient to cyber-crime and anticipate and respond to changes in the threat landscape over time? Here are three strategies for making AI a core component of your cyber-security strategy.
  1. Identify the cyber-security areas where AI can be applied (and will be most effective). There’s no point implementing AI across your cyber-security if you don’t think seriously about your business imperatives first. A good cyber-security strategy should be centred around factors such as customer trust and risk ratings. 
  2. Invest in developing AI-driven cyber security models to augment current cyber capabilities: According to the Digital Trust Insights survey, 41% say that their cyber-security team uses automation and emerging technologies for threat intelligence, defence and recovery. AI driven cyber-security models can run alongside existing automation engines to help take decisions that need intelligence and sophisticated interpretation capabilities.
  3. Measure the ways in which AI is adding value to cyber-security capabilities: An AI-driven cyber strategy should promote a proactive approach in anticipating and responding to the threat landscape, while fostering data-driven intelligence that grows and evolves at scale. Organisations need protocols in place to measure the ways in which AI and cyber security are working together and govern cyber-security strategies.
2020 Global Technology Leadership Report


Deloitte’s 2020 Global Technology Leadership Study describes the attributes, objectives, and practices of organisations that are ahead of their peers and explores the critical dimensions of change for technology leaders. Key findings include:
  • Companies that are ahead of their competition have a growth orientation and engaged leadership. 
  • Organisations need kinetic leaders to drive innovation and manage change. 
  • Opportunities abound for tech leaders who have the tenacity to lead across the enterprise.

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