C-Suite Intelligence 5th June 2020

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How to make your operation resilient to future shocks
London Business School
This webinar opens with a survey that busts some of the myths around organisational resilience and then looks at how successful companies have recovered from periodic shocks
Otti Vogt, COO and CTO, ING Bank gives a behavioural perspective. He explores how information can flow around an organisation and how developing resilience at the grass roots of a business can complement risk management integrated at a strategic and operational level.


Checking the health of your business partnerships
McKinsey & Company
By consistently assessing a partnership’s performance on the critical components for success (strategy, culture and communication, operations, governance and decision making, economics, and adaptability) partners can improve their relationships and increase the likelihood of long-term success.
This article describes what a health check can look like and how business leaders can use it to track the trajectory of critical business relationships and create more value from them.
Six major post-COVID trends
London School of Economics
Leaders can harness, rather than resist, six major future trends that have accelerated during the pandemic period:
  1. Digital technologies and automation.
  2. Supply chain restructuring.
  3. Repatriation and less cross border investment.
  4. Flexible labour models.
  5. Resilience in the face of uncertainty over business environments and human-made and natural disasters.
  6. Greater focus on South and East Asia.
‘Retailing In a Time of Crisis’ report
World Retail Congress

This extensive report helps understand more about the post-lockdown consumer.

It includes a global exploration of changing consumer behaviours, re-opening strategies and ways to meet supply chain challenges and will provide insights to senior leaders both inside and outside the retail sector.

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