C-Suite Intelligence 4th January 2021

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2021 Global Human Capital Trends Report


The primacy of work and workers in the ability to navigate last year’s disruptions demonstrates that, when it comes to preparing for unknown futures, organisations have an imperative to structure work and support their workers in ways that enable them to rise to the challenges that disruption may bring.

Putting people at the heart of an organisation’s decisions pays off in the ability to better stay ahead of disruption.

Putting that ability into practice entails thinking about the workforce in terms of purpose, potential, and perspective to build an organisation that can thrive in an unpredictable environment with an unknown future.


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How nine global business leaders see 2021 business trends unfolding


It is time for business leaders to identify the trends and opportunities that 2021 will bring.

In this article, the following innovative tech leaders reflect on what the year ahead holds in store.

  • Joshua Zerkel, Certified Professional Organiser and Head of Global Engagement Marketing, Asana
  • Stuart Templeton, Head of UK, Slack
  • Iggy Bassi, CEO and Founder, Cervest
  • Anna Brailsford, CEO, Code First Girls
  • Benji Vaughan, Founder and CEO, Disciple
  • Jed Rose, EMEA General Manager, Airwallex
  • John Morrison, SVP of International Markets, Extreme Networks
  • Dr Tim Guilliams, Co-Founder and CEO, Healx
  • Sergei Anikin, Chief Technology Officer, Pipedrive

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Fjord Trends 2021 Report


Fjord Trends 2021 is the fourteenth in a series of annual reports from Accenture highlighting predictions on seven emerging trends that will shape design, technology and business.

The report found that the pandemic has brought clarity and surprises alongside its chaos and tragedies. It has highlighted what is important to people and inspired community spirit and at-home innovators.

As a result, a brand new set of challenges has emerged for businesses: how to respond from operational as well as communication perspectives; how to meet consumers' constantly changing expectations; and how to stretch their empathy - all while fighting for survival in a precarious economy.

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