C-Suite Intelligence 3rd July 2020

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Jargon-busting overview of data science and AI methods
London Business School
Data science and AI offer a paradigm shift from trial-and-error, reactive, and approximate human decision making to evidence-based, proactive, and precise decision making processes. Nevertheless, senior leaders either don't know where to start, or worse, have been disappointed by the low return on investment associated with data analytics.
Develop an appreciation of what data science can and cannot do and organise your firm’s data science capability to become more competitive with Professor Nicos Savva through an application-driven, jargon-busting overview of the main data science methods.

How to play “friendly hardball” in a negotiation
Harvard Business Review
This fascinating article on the psychology of negotiation looks at a series of experiments where participants conducted negotiations with variations of the question: “How does my offer compare to the minimum price you would be willing to accept?”

The results found that this framing led them to not only make less ambitious counteroffers but also to report greater satisfaction than participants who were asked to frame their offers against a target price, or weren’t asked to use any framing techniques.
A collection of MIT Sloan Management Review’s most popular strategy articles
MIT Sloan Management Review
This collection offers a dozen of the most popular articles about developing and executing strategy that researchers have published in MIT Sloan Management Review.
From insights on goal setting and communicating strategic priorities effectively, to testing and scaling new business models, these articles will help leaders sharpen their strategic thinking to face new challenges. 
Evolving CEO imperatives
Each stage of a strategic transformation demands the CEO play a different role. Successfully leading through a major transformation begins with clarity about what kind of leader you are and how you need to evolve your leadership style as the journey unfolds. This two part article helps achieve this clarity.

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