C-Suite Intelligence 3rd April 2020

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Three seasoned leaders describe what they learned from managing through past crises 

Three senior leaders share their stories of dealing with past crises including swine flu, SARS, ebola and the 2008 financial crisis.

They tell us the lessons they learned to help rally teams, project calm and empathy, take decisive action, and communicate effectively in the current crisis.




Four ‘ways of knowing’ that can help you better understand both opportunities and risks

The concept of how we know what we know, and how that knowledge affects the leadership decisions we make in business emphasizes quantitative, linear reasoning.

Like any way of knowing, 'business case' style reasoning has both strengths and limitations. It is particularly well-suited to conditions that are relatively stable.

But in times of disruption, novel circumstances abound. Discerning the contours of what is happening — and what is most likely to happen next — can be difficult if you are constrained by traditional thinking. 

Here are brief introductions to four ‘ways of knowing’ that can help break through barriers to understanding both opportunities and risks.

Scaling AI: 3 Critical Steps to Success

In practice, companies still find it difficult to make the transition from thinking about AI as a source of innovation to a critical source of business value.

Why? Until now, there hasn’t been a proven blueprint for scaling, and organisations can fall into some common traps.

First, companies don’t have an AI roadmap or "route to live"—the steps to take their AI project from POC to production, effectively and expediently.

Changing the status quo requires agility, openness to trying a new way of working and the ability to recognise when an idea works—and when it needs to be scrapped. 

How bad times bring out the best in people

Harvard Business Review

Don’t be afraid to let bad times bring out the best in your company — and in you.

Time and again, individuals and communities have demonstrated that the worst situations tend to bring out the best in people and the organizations to which they belong.

In every moment of darkness, it seems, there are countless moments of light — small gestures of compassion and connection that allow people to show who they are, how they want to live, and what matters to them.

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