C-Suite Intelligence 31st July 2020

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How to curate your digital persona
Harvard Business Review
Now that so much of our communication takes place on-line we have all become our own “avatars”. The mountain of data each of us produces on the internet is the raw material used to fuel the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that track our digital “footprints.” It’s also what other people - and organisations - use to make quick judgments about our personal and professional attributes.
Even if our social media accounts are private, there is likely ample public information that any person determined to assess us can access. No matter what your goals may be, you should become aware of the story your public data tells - and understand how to change it.


How the COVID-19 crisis is transforming all industries
McKinsey & Company
In this video, with transcript, McKinsey’s Dame Vivian Hunt, Kevin Sneader, and Bob Sternfels reflect on how the COVID-19 crisis is transforming all industries.
Five tips to unlock the value of ‘outlier’ candidates
As recruitment is increasingly reliant on the latest data analytic tools, there is a danger of finding dull, predictable candidates. This article explores, with case studies, how companies can add ‘outliers’ to the mix. Suggestions include:
  • Look at the candidates’ potential and personality, not just their skills and experience.
  • Be patient as some search assignments might take more than the usual two months.  
Remote work barometer
This regular survey of German and US employees analyses behaviour, preferences, and habits in the new remote work reality.

The findings help understand how the perception of work from home has developed during the crisis.

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