C-Suite Intelligence 30th October 2020

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The fear factor


Fear hasn’t been a favoured motivational tool for some time. But there is an alternative view of fear that suggests it might have a place in the managerial tool kit. If fear can provide the impetus for successful change under certain circumstances, what might those circumstances be?

There is no way to eradicate fear — you can either hide from it or face it. If you want employees to face fear, you’d better give them good reasons to take a stand and the means to win the fight.



5 things you should think about before promoting someone to the exec team


We look at the five criteria that leaders can look at before promoting anyone to the leadership team. If they possess these skills, or show promise and growth in these areas, then we move forward. But if one or a few of these criteria are missing, leaders may want to hold on inviting them to their executive huddles. These include:

1. Delegation and accountability
2. Strategic planning and decision making
3. HR compliance
4. Recruiting, onboarding and training
5. Process optimisation and strategic depth


How to build a digital brand that lasts

Harvard Business Review

What makes a brand last? Knowing the answer is what separates sustainable success from eventual obscurity. Almost every company devotes significant resources to defining their brand. But few ask the equally important question: how to protect it?

MACE (Mastery, Accessibility, Cadence and Ensnarement) is a blueprint for any brand — even traditional ones — to evolve for long-term relevancy. It is true that brands without inherent, digital connectivity require clever thinking to leverage this framework. But companies that cannot effectively engage with consumers on digital platforms are destined to be dinosaurs.

Even the most traditional products, like thermostats can, and must, effectively do this. Manage with MACE in mind, and ensure your brand endures in our increasingly digitised world.


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