C-Suite Intelligence 30th November 2020

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Webinar: Finance Director Update (CPD Verified)

10 December 2020
9:00 - 12:30

Join MHA MacIntyre Hudson (partners on the CFO and Tax Director network) for this webinar covering the latest regulatory developments and hot tax topics relating to financial reporting. Robert Trunchion and Neil Parsons will navigate you through these key updates using practical examples and real-life stories.

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Is the employee experience you’re delivering the one your people want?


More than three-quarters of HR leaders now believe employee experience (EX) will be one of the most important factors affecting their organisation’s ability to deliver on key business objectives within the next two years, in fact 37% believe EX will be the most important factor. But the impact of any efforts to harness this opportunity will be dramatically reduced if those organisations fail to close the disconcerting gap between the experience they think they are delivering to their employees, and what people are actually receiving.

While there is currently a disconnect between how a business and its employees view the employee experience, there are clear and distinct steps that can be taken to close the gap. Businesses that listen closely to their employees and design an EX program that is attuned to all parties, can help build an organisation that puts its people at the centre

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How to be a blue ocean strategist in the post-pandemic world


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, leaders are wondering whether the strategic approaches that proved to be successful in the past will still apply to changed business realities in a post-pandemic world.

More than ever, firms will need to create ‘blue oceans’ of new demand in order to generate revenue. It is far more urgent for managers to think like a ‘blue ocean’ strategist.

What does this mindset entail? Ask yourself the following questions and consider how each guiding principle can help you see opportunities where before only constraints were visible.

  1. Do you take industry conditions as given? Or do you reshape them in your favour?
  2. Do you try to beat the competition? Or do you make the competition irrelevant?
  3. Do you focus on creating and capturing new demand? Or do you focus on fighting over existing customers?
  4. Do you simultaneously pursue differentiation and low cost? Or do you make a value-cost trade-off?

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