C-Suite Intelligence 2nd November 2020

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Building resilience


This in-depth article details how leaders can build more resilience in their companies. Advice includes:
  • Have a biological mindset. A biological mindset in management requires leaders to look at systems as a whole and always be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Think long-term. Long-run performance is disproportionately determined by performance in crisis periods. Therefore, it is necessary to think ahead and prepare for unexpected and unfavourable events.
  • Emphasise collaboration. A company with a brittle supply chain or mistrustful regulators cannot be resilient. When diagnosing resilience, you must look beyond the boundaries of your organisation.
  • Redefine “performance.” Aspire to measure and manage forward-looking, long-term metrics like resilience, vitality, and adaptability.
  • Educate your managers. It is important to discuss what you mean by resilience, how it works, and how you plan to achieve it.
  • Go beyond the numbers. You need to deal with contingencies, change plans in light of new information, and make judgments about the right level of “insurance” for your business.
  • Be optimistic. “Opportunity” should figure in your thinking as much as “risk.”


Technology Report 2020

Bain & Company

This in-depth report provides:
  • An analytic view of how value and profit is being derived in the technology sector.
  • A view of major competitive battlegrounds in tech.
  • Examples of leadership innovations in talent, culture, process and infrastructure, rooted in specific strategy rather than boilerplate methodologies.

The ‘Purple’ model for combatting cyber-attacks

Booz Allen

This report argues that to effectively combat cyber-attacks there needs to be alignment between offensive experts (the ‘red’ team) and defensive experts (the ‘blue’ team). Red and blue teams need to work together as a ‘purple’ team.

A strong purple team program brings together people, processes, data, and technologies to ultimately identify, defend against, and proactively prevent cyber-attacks. This 12 page report goes into the detail of how a purple team is established.

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