C-Suite Intelligence 29th June 2020

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COVID era CEOs are ‘Keen, Tough or Edgy’
A survey of more than 300 CEOs in Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Russia and the UK points to three CEO emotional 'types' during the crisis: keen, tough and edgy.
Keen CEOs (10% of respondents) spend sleepless nights thinking about the new opportunities the pandemic has created. They are optimistic, energetic and highly resilient.
  • Keen CEOs should ensure rigorous risk management supports their future-oriented projects, specifically identifying relevant risks and scenarios; fostering adaptability in decision making and building resilience into the business model to withstand external shocks. 
Tough CEOs (30%) downplay the impact of the crisis on themselves. Most were self-confident, strong-willed and somewhat authoritarian.
  • The main risk for tough CEOs is excessive self-confidence. They should consider opening up to their team members or sharing the burden of leadership with trusted aides. 
Edgy CEOs (60%) reported considerable levels of stress and anxiety, often doubted themselves and their ability to navigate through the crisis. They expressed negative emotions and showed vulnerability.
  • When making decisions, edgy leaders ought to resist their heart and follow their head. This means defining objectives and constraints, coming up with at least three viable alternatives and evaluating risks associated with each before choosing the most appropriate option. They should remember their values and key goals and use them as guiding tools for themselves and their organisation.

How to build collaboration and innovation
London Business School
In this webinar, Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, is joined by Jenni Emery, Global People and Culture Leader, Arup, to discuss how collaboration and the office is changing.
For Professor Gratton, homeworking has many positives, but how do we address its shortcomings? She sets out a vision for the office as a crossroads for collaboration.
For Arup, a built environment firm with projects in over 140 countries, there are big implications for the use of space in the post-pandemic world. Jenni Emery sets out some principles around the office of the future and shares the latest thinking on working spaces.
Interview with Markus Schäfer, COO at Mercedes-Benz
Oliver Wyman
In this interview Markus Schäfer discusses carbon reduction strategies and the opportunities and challenges for digitisation in the automotive industry.
The tell-tale signs of successful digital deals
McKinsey & Company
Digital acquisitions are frequently essential to enable and support digital transformation. This can be challenging, because M&A in the digital, analytics, and technology space is very different from conventional M&A.
This article shows how to overcome the challenges, and join the ranks of companies that have achieved exceptional performance by energising their digital-transformation efforts with successful transactions.

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