C-Suite Intelligence 29th July 2020

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The importance of leader visibility in times of crisis

People respond when they know that their leader is watching and paying attention to them because they know they are important enough for that attention. That's why there is such power in showing up as a leader.


This article looks at a company that's experiencing tremendous turmoil in the current economic conditions. It's seen a 40 percent reduction in revenue and the organisation's future is suddenly very uncertain. As you might imagine, morale was in the basement and rumours were swirling among the staff members quarantined in their homes. 

What made things worse was the organisation's leader was nowhere to be found. The truth was that the leader was working furiously behind the scenes and suffering through sleepless nights to see how he might find a way out of the current mess. But what he didn't realise was that being present--even if via a video call--would have made a world of difference to the employees.

If leaders are facing a crisis today or in the future, don't forget the power of being present and that your people are looking to the captain on deck for leadership and inspiration.


The evolution of women's leadership
The signs for women leaders were unprecedentedly positive heading into 2020. A strong economy, global competition for talent, highly visible women leaders in the public and private sectors, well-developed women’s leadership initiatives, increasing confidence and solidarity among women, and greater engagement from male allies combined to signal a strong path forward.

However, the outbreak of Covid-19 upset almost all expectations in terms of business continuity and the way we work. Drastic measures have been put into place and upheaval may in fact be a good opportunity to push forth the agenda of women’s leadership.

As more paid employment moves into the home, both men and women will find themselves working on traditionally female turf for the first time since the start of the industrial era. This will further serve to break down boundaries between men and women, giving them a greater commonality of day-to-day experience.
"Woke-washing" your company won't cut it
Harvard Business Review

Fostering organisational justice will require a deep institutional commitment at the industrial, executive, and individual level. Organizations must be cognisant of the fact that the current outcry for justice is not ephemeral or confined to social media.

Consumers not only hold the power of demand but are increasingly demonstrating that they also have a powerful voice in deciding the manner in which companies meet those demands — and organisations need to be mindful of how this dynamic is becoming part of the new normal.

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How do mindsets define leadership?
London Business School

These are unchartered times. Over the past few months, organisations and individuals have had to learn new habits and adapt quickly to a new and more disconnected working environment. Although we can’t always control the things that happen to us, we can choose how we respond. Aneeta Rattan, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School, discusses what mindsets are and how they can influence helping individuals and organisations develop growth mindsets and reposition attitudes to failure.

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