C-Suite Intelligence 29th January 2021

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How to keep your cool in high-stress situations

Harvard Business Review

When faced with a high-stress situation it can feel like we don’t have control over our response. Research has shown that our bodies can instinctively go into a “fight-or-flight” reaction.

As a leader, the more effectively you can self-regulate these reactions the better you can lead and help others. Recent research in the field of neuroscience offers insights into this process of self-regulation. This article outlines a five-step framework to follow:

  • Understanding: Know the biology behind stress reactions and accept them as normal.
  • Awareness: Notice the physical and emotional cues.
  • Recall: Bring to mind previous experiences where you’ve successfully moved through uncertainty in the past.
  • Intention: Let go of the need to serve your ego by clarifying your highest purpose.
  • Trust the process: The interaction is an emergent learning process.

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The view of CFOs in North America: what top finance executives are thinking


Deloitte’s quarterly survey of CFOs from companies with $1 billion plus revenues in the US, Canada, and Mexico gives important insights into the perspective of North America’s financial leaders on the global economy.

  • 60% of CFOs rate the North American economy as bad and only 43% expect better conditions in a year
  • Own-company optimism compared to last quarter rose sharply
  • On average, CFOs say they expect to achieve 74% of their originally budgeted 2020 revenue
  • CFOs cite risks of new virus waves, more shutdowns, and the pandemic triggering a longer-term recession.

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12 predictions for HR in 2021

Insight222 & myHRfuture.com

In this Linked-In post, David Green gives his annual predictions for the top HR trends of 2021, and readers have provided their own insightful views in the comments.

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