C-Suite Intelligence 28th October 2020

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Getting ready for the 'work-from-anywhere' era

INSEAD Knowledge

The COVID-19 pandemic has hurled life and work as we once knew it into a state of near-paralysing uncertainty. So much has changed about our world so quickly that our first instinct may understandably be to find some small patch of solid-seeming ground and plant ourselves there for as long as we can, to await the resumption of normality. But the longer the virus lingers, the clearer it becomes that any form of normal – new or old – will be slow to materialise.

This article looks at the importance of trust as key to remote working success, and how to establish a single source of truth to minimise chaos and mismanagement. Furthermore, it takes a look into how the future of remote working will look like, given that the pandemic has now seemed to cement remote working as a staple for many organisations.


A fast-track risk-management transformation to counter the COVID-19 crisis


An accelerated transformation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness will enable risk organisations to deal with the pandemic while addressing rising regulatory and cost pressures.

Risk-management functions increase the odds of creating lasting change if the moves they make are part of a well-conceived, well-executed plan, are supported by top leaders, and are part of a broader shift in behaviour across the organisation. organisations that have successfully navigated this path know that while it may not be easy, the rewards of more effective—yet less expensive—risk management are well worth the challenge.


How the Best Leaders Answer “What Are We Here for?”

Harvard Business Review

During a crisis of deep ambiguity and uncertainty, what’s more important than the rhetorical demonstration of certainty is the formulation of a strong, shared sense of meaning. Leaders can’t impose this from above. Their role is to become activists who convene people — employees, suppliers, customers, members of the communities that the company serves — to explore and define that meaning together.

In this context, business as usual, even on steroids, is an inadequate response. Instead, leaders have to shift their goals from maintaining the status quo to constructing a newly imagined future. So how can leaders do both at once?


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