C-Suite Intelligence 28th May 2020

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The role of the CEO in driving D&I strategy
Winmark webinar

Diversity and inclusion continues to be a priority for organizations. But statistics show that progress remains slow.

This webinar, chaired by Euan Blair, CEO at Whitehat, and moderated by Whitehat’s Libby Derbyshire, explores some of the factors that inhibit positive change within companies and the role of the CEO in driving D&I strategy.

Our guest speaker Aongus Hegarty, PresidentInternational MarketsDell Technologies, shares his thoughts and experiences on how to widen access to diverse talent. 
We would like to thank both Dell Technologies and CEO Network Technical Partner Whitehat for generously sharing their insights and expertise.

Watch the webinar here.



Return: a new muscle, not just a plan
McKinsey & Company
Given the increasing uncertainties, the next step in the response of businesses to COVID-19 requires developing a new “muscle”: an enterprise-wide ability to absorb uncertainty and incorporate lessons into the operating model quickly.
Many companies are sweating the details of their return plans rather than building the capabilities needed for a return. They are running spreadsheets to see how many people spaced six feet apart will fit in an office, planning one-way paths through the workplace, and figuring out adaptations to rest rooms and entrances. All of those are critical tasks, but they are not enough.

The ability of top leaders to refocus on the task of building sustainable capabilities will define the companies that emerge intact from the pandemic over the next two years.
Read the full article here.  

Five steps to better fraud preparedness
Fraud is often at its most virulent during downturns and crises. This article provides five steps to better fraud preparedness in the time of COVID-19:
  1. Prepare for extended remote working
  2. Educate your workforce on threats
  3. Communicate across your entire stakeholder group
  4. Keep an eye on your extended business partner network
  5. Sharpen your fraud detection  
For details read here.  
Looking for opportunity in the midst of crisis
MIT Sloan Management Review
This survey of 460 global executives explores how they expect COVID-19 to affect their organizations in the short and long terms, where they have been focusing their attention, and what actions they have been taking.
Read the full survey results here.

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