C-Suite Intelligence 28th August 2020

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COVID-19 navigator
This tool helps you assess the potential impact of COVID-19 on your organisation and your readiness to respond.
Three sections of questions help you understand where your company stands as you respond to COVID-19 in the areas of: 
  • Crisis management and response.
  • Workforce.
  • Operations and supply chain.
  • Finance and liquidity.
  • Tax and trade.
  • Strategy and brand. 
The tool then provides an assessment of where your company stands on each response area, gives insights and recommendations into potential areas on which to focus and suggests key questions to ask. 


Transforming traditional businesses doesn’t have to be an elusive goal
London School of Economics
Research conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) identified key strategies to help organisations develop agility competences:
  • Quick responses to strategic opportunities.
  • Shorter decision / production review cycles.
  • Focus on change management.
  • Integrating the voice of the customer.
  • Focus on risk management and anticipation.
  • Interdisciplinary product teams.
  • Elimination of organisational silos.
  • Contingency planning.
  • Use of interactive project management practices.
  • Leverage technology.
This article discusses how traditional organisations have mastered these highly demanding goals.
Working Life after Covid -19
This research report based on interviews with 1,093 workers across public and private sectors seeks to understand how changes in the wake of the coronavirus crisis will impact business leaders across the UK in the long term.

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