C-Suite Intelligence 27th July 2020

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Reinventing work report

KPMG’s report suggests future success will require organisations to ensure they are:
  • Connecting the enterprise end-to-end and understanding along the way the impact of change on the enterprise and customer experience.
  • Ensuring that everyone in the organisation has a productive role to play as an innovator regarding the breakdown of tasks between humans and machines.
  • Providing everyone an opportunity to be a “leader,” building autonomy and a growth mind-set to act while meeting business objectives.
  • Building an innovative and flexible culture with a growth mind-set that encourages experimentation, collaboration, and change.
While no one can predict entirely what will happen as the new reality sets in, organisations can plan for various scenarios and prepare for that future makeup of the workforce accordingly, one that will most certainly include forms of automation. 


Global Economics Intelligence executive summary
McKinsey & Company
The latest McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence executive summary shows consumption slowed in May and June and the trade slump worsened.
As growth forecasts are adjusted to the rising negative impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, the soundness of the financial system is set to be sorely tested. It is certainly better capitalised now and better equipped for rapid crisis management than it was in past crises.
Redefining employee experience: How to create a “new normal”
Strategy + Business
This article suggests three steps to put your organisation in a better position for the “new normal”. 
  • Focus on employee safety and well-being.
  • Deepen your connection with those who work for you.
  • Reconsider how you’re defining success.
Global study: The CIO’s transformation mandate
This Deloitte study shows that organisations characterised as “technology vanguards” are not satisfied by incremental changes or enhancements but are focused on transformational change.
Faced with unprecedented uncertainty, businesses need kinetic, future-focused technology leaders able to plan and execute transformational, not incremental, change.
Many executive decision-makers understand that technology transformation should be a cornerstone of business strategy going forward - particularly in a time frame accelerated by COVID-19 - but lack the technological expertise to guide that transformation themselves.

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