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The future of remote work: index of expert advice


The “Making Remote Work” podcast series hosted by psychologist Iulia Istrate spanned 20 episodes, each exploring a distinct topic related to the remote working paradigm and featuring guests with well-established expertise.

These insights have now been gathered into a single, freely available public resource with a detailed segment-by-segment index.



The silver lining of deeper employee engagement…and other stories of humanity

Watson Helsby

Although employee engagement, both as an activity and a measurable outcome, has existed for several years, it has probably been characterised more by process and mechanistic initiatives than by any real attempt to create emotional connections with employees. But this crisis has brought out the best in companies and elevated the importance of stronger employee connections.

This article examines the upsides of deeper employee engagement and how they mark a profound shift in organisational behaviour and cultures.


Survey of customer experience tools

Bain & Company

This new global survey of customer experience tool usage provides a valuable overview of resources that are relevant to all C-Suite functions
It covers 24 categories from social media sentiment analysis to data privacy management.

The survey shows that COVID-19 has accelerated the use of many tools, and that firms that benefit the most keep the following principles in mind.
  • Test, test and test again. Customers’ needs and priorities are shifting more rapidly than in the past. That calls for rapid, agile modes of in-market testing. 
  • Identify the use case. It may sound obvious, but the point of a tool is to solve a problem. Each tool must serve specific use cases as well as the overall experience strategy.
  • Reap all of the practical business benefits that tools can produce. Every step to improve the experience through digital self-service, for example, should simultaneously reduce costs.

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