C-Suite Intelligence 26th August 2020

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How to foster psychological safety in virtual meetings
Harvard Business Review
It may take years before we understand the full impact of this abrupt shift to virtual work on people and companies, but it wasn’t long before many started to wonder about the impact of virtual meetings on psychological safety — people feeling they can raise questions, concerns, and ideas without fear of personal repercussion.

Building psychological safety in virtual teams takes effort and strategy that pays off in engagement, collegiality, productive dissent, and idea generation. The good news is that the tools and techniques that engage people — and lower hurdles to engagement — can become habitual and serve managers well today and long into the future.


Summer reading list from MIT Sloan Management Review
MIT Sloan Management Review
It’s been an unsettling and difficult summer for many. Yet despite the uncertainty and apprehension, we still look to August as a time of rest and reflection. The pace slows, and it’s a good time to read, step back and think about what first-rate leadership really means to you and your organisation.
The right way to democratise analytics
Today’s data savvy business leaders are not content to limit analytics insights to only the most senior leaders. They strive to make analytics available to an entire organisation, often referring to this as the "democratisation of analytics.”   

The single most important ingredient to democratising analytics is to develop managers’ ability to identify and scope key business problems that can be solved with data. This is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and improved upon with the right kind of training and support. 

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