C-Suite Intelligence 25th June 2020

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Coronanomics: Scenarios for the UK economy in 2020-21
Global Futures & Foresight (GFF)
This new Global Futures & Foresight (GFF) report ‘Coronanomics: Scenarios for the UK economy in 2020-21’ provides a comprehensive study on the economic impact of COVID-19. The report outlines five scenarios to help leaders understand how alternative epidemiological outcomes will impact the economy.
The author, Graeme Leach, director of economics at GFF, is one of Britain's leading economists who has made frequent appearances on BBC News, Sky News, Radio 4's Today Programme and has written for City AM, the Daily Telegraph and The Times. 

Five key principles that will help you adapt to customer needs
Harvard Business Review
Firms need to adapt to shifting customer needs by engaging a more customer-centric philosophy. This article discusses five key principles to deploy. 
  1. Expand your digital footprint
  2. Reward your loyal customers
  3. Connect emotionally
  4. Recognise financial constraints
  5. Turn threats into opportunities
COVID-19: the age of forced business experimentation
London School of Economics
Paradoxically, this may be the best time to take on risky experimentation.

Kahneman and Tversky’s Nobel winning research on prospect theory shows that improving a bad situation is more valued – and hence more motivating – than improving on a good situation.

Many leaders, who deservedly pride themselves on their capacity to cope with uncertainty and ambiguity, complain about the conservatism they encounter inside their companies. This article outlines three case studies that make the case for leaders to take the opportunity to systematise experimentation.   
A guide to returning to the workplace
Kyocera have provided a ‘Definitive Guide to Returning to the Workplace’. It outlines the steps you should take to prepare your workplace for the return of your team.
The guide features advice ranging from cleaning products required to procurement that needs to take place.

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