C-Suite Intelligence 25th January 2021

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How to lead when your team is exhausted - and you are, too

Harvard Business Review

Are you or your team feeling fatigued? This article says leaders should focus on three areas:

  1. Understanding the difference between urgency and importance, and focus on the latter
  2. Be compassionate while also driving your employees to action by channelling their feelings of defiance, anger, and frustration
  3. Change things up every day with a focus on energising your team.

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Getting smart about integrating AI technology

COI Journal

CFOs should be giving serious thought to how AI could reshape their business models. The technology, which enables computers to be taught to analyse data, identify patterns, and predict outcomes, has evolved from aspirational to mainstream, opening a potential knowledge gap among some finance leaders.

What many finance leaders recognise is that AI is more than the next cutting-edge tool. By unleashing its full capabilities in finance and throughout the business, companies can turn it into a source of differentiation that not only boosts productivity but also drives growth.

In the finance function, for example, AI is well-suited to replacing repetitive and labour-intensive tasks, executing such transactional work with increased speed and accuracy. Moreover, with its capacity to learn from large datasets, the technology can also boost the accuracy of predictions based on past data, improving budgeting and forecasting and enhancing overall decision-making.

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Global Risks Report

World Economic Forum

The 16th edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report is now available.

In addition to identifying the top global risks by likelihood and impact, it concludes that the COVID crisis has provided an opportunity to enhance risk processes, capabilities and culture and identifies four governance opportunities to strengthen the overall resilience of countries, businesses, and the international community:

  1. Formulating analytical frameworks that take a holistic and systems-based view of risk impacts
  2. Investing in high-profile “risk champions” to encourage national leadership and international co-operation
  3. Improving risk communications and combating misinformation
  4. Exploring new forms of public-private partnership on risk preparedness.


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