C-Suite Intelligence 25th August 2020

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The case for (and against) ditching offices for remote work
The pandemic has shown that remote work is possible on a grand scale. But that doesn't mean everyone can--or should--ditch the office. Inc. asked two entrepreneurs and a remote-work expert to talk about what a new kind of office could look like. This article covers collaboration in remote-working, a hybrid approach and new talent management methods.


How digitisation and innovation can make the post-Covid world a better place

World Economic Forum
COVID-19 has presented one of the most formidable challenges in recent history to governments, businesses, and society. Many consider it to be the ultimate tipping point for the 21st-century. The pandemic is a wake-up call for companies to have a plan to deal with disruptions to ensure business continuity. It is also a watershed moment that will signal the fast-track acceleration process for digitisation throughout society.

By harnessing the potential that exists in cross-sector stakeholders collaborating with each other, there is a real chance to radically rethink value chains to make sure a digitized, connected world will facilitate society as we “build back better” from the current crisis.

Distancing, not deglobalisation
Future historians are likely to conclude that a phase of breakneck globalisation that started in the 1970s drew to an end in the wake of the financial crisis 12 years ago. They will surely see the 2020 pandemic as having dealt a further, heavy blow to globalisation.

Businesses must place greater weight on political risk, national security concerns, competing (and sometimes incompatible) regulatory regimes and external shocks like pandemics and climate change. This does not mean retrenching within national borders. But it does call for the ability to adapt to a more challenging and fluid environment.


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