C-Suite Intelligence 24th June 2020

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Reimagining the office and work life after COVID-19
McKinsey & Company
COVID-19 has brought unprecedented human and humanitarian challenges. Many companies around the world have risen to the occasion, acting swiftly to safeguard employees and migrate to a new way of working.
Organisations should use this moment to break free from old habits and systems. A well-planned return to offices can create a better experience for talent, improve collaboration and productivity, and reduce costs. That kind of change will require transformational thinking grounded in facts.

Employee engagement is the outcome, experience is the starting point
If your employees had the choice of whether or not to show up at work tomorrow, would they? What can you do to start positively influencing that decision?
In the organisation of the future, HR will likely be the architect of employee experience and a service provider that delivers tailored working experiences that meet or exceed employee expectations.
This article argues that employers must focus on treating employees as valued customers.
How companies deliver both purpose and profit
London Business School
Rather than maximising profits through reducing any value distributed to other stakeholders, can companies take an approach that grows the overall value of the enterprise for the gain of all?
Elias Papaioannou, Professor of Economics at London Business School was joined in conversation with Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance at London Business School to discuss how corporate responsibility is fundamental to the success of a business.
Now is the time for B2B firms to invest in digital transformation
The rapid expansion of digital has seen a clear difference between B2C and B2B  industries. Consumers are more likely to embrace the move to digital quickly as compared to companies that are entrenched in certain ways of working with each other. The usual adoption time by consumers has been stepped up quite significantly, but even more so by companies. Companies have been thrown in at the deep end and have to adapt fast to digital transformation.


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