C-Suite Intelligence 24th July 2020

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The CEO moment: Leadership for a new era
McKinsey & Company
Research by McKinsey’s Strategy and Corporate Finance Practice shows that a CEOs ability to make bold moves is vital to achieving outstanding performance, which itself is elusive - only one in 12 companies goes from being an average performer to a top-quintile performer over a ten-year period.
Making one or two bold moves more than doubles the likelihood of making such a shift; making three or more makes it six times more likely.
Research also shows that CEOs who are hired externally tend to move with more boldness and speed than those hired within an organisation, partly because of the social pressures that constrain internally promoted CEOs.   


From technological achievement to technological progress
Wheeler Institute
In this webinar from the Wheeler Institute, Professor Daron Acemoğlu, Professor of Economics at MIT and Professor Andrew J Scott, an Economics Professor at London Business School and author of ‘The New Long Life’, discussed where we are currently heading with technology, what the likely impact will be on jobs and what needs to be done at an individual, corporate and government level to ensure that technological achievement delivers true technological progress for society.
Strategic options to build resilience
As the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly shuttered factories, offices, and facilities around the world, many companies found they had limited means to cope with the sudden shock to their global and regional supply chains.
Those harsh lessons demonstrated that, over time, supply chain resilience will be as vital to your profitability as supply chain cost and performance.
True resilience extends well beyond traditional disaster-scenario planning. It is about having the capability and capacity to rapidly flex or repurpose assets across your extended supply chain in response to unanticipated supply shocks (for example, trade wars, weather events) and permanent demand shifts (shifting customer requirements, new channels, new competitors).
Many CEOs, COOs, and supply chain leaders are now viewing the major components of their operations with an eye toward increasing resilience and agility. To help you pursue such analyses with speed and rigour, this article provides a comprehensive resilience stress test.
Report examining changing global consumer behaviour
PwC’s 11th Global Consumer Insights Survey polled city dwellers on their purchasing behaviour in two separate studies, one before and one after the coronavirus outbreak. As tools such as digital sizing in fashion, virtual shoppers, consumer collaboration platforms and augmented reality are introduced and begin to converge, companies should: 
  • Decide how to offer a unique and distinct experience for those who are less digitally inclined, by choice or by economic status, than others.
  • Forge new strategic partnerships and invest in data and customer relationship management technology to drive frictionless commerce and engagement.
  • Invest in enhanced network technology to allow for more sophisticated customer segmentation.
  • Reskill service staff so they can build content-rich experiences and better understand the end-to-end customer journey. 

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