C-Suite Intelligence 24th August 2020

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Redefining AI leadership in the C-Suite
MIT Sloan Management Review
Who makes decisions within organisations about investments in AI? Who should? The company CEO and CIO (or other senior technology leaders), of course, but who else? This article contends that while other C-Suite executives may not think of themselves as leaders of AI for their companies, they can make a bigger leadership impact when it comes to AI strategy and adoption.

C-Suite executives who focus on AI technology today will begin to reshape the divisions they lead. There are five specific tactics to move toward this goal:
  • Set personal examples for other senior executives. C-Suite executives can explore the different types of AI technologies and learn which ones are most relevant to specific use cases.
  • Meet with AI companies. Taking meetings will help C-Suite executives learn what’s possible.
  • Select AI projects to advocate for as executive sponsor. The executive sponsor role might mean overseeing projects that are particularly relevant to the specific function.
  • Create specific roles to advance AI in the function - and even consider adding a small centre of excellence.
  • Establish an educational initiative for team members to learn more about AI. 


Coronanomics: Scenarios for the UK economy in 2020-21
Global Futures & Foresight (GFF)
This Global Futures & Foresight (GFF) report ‘Coronanomics: Scenarios for the UK economy in 2020-21’ provides a comprehensive study on the economic impact of COVID-19. The report outlines five scenarios to help leaders understand how alternative epidemiological outcomes will impact the economy.
The author, Graeme Leach, director of economics at GFF, is one of Britain's leading economists who has made frequent appearances on BBC News, Sky News, Radio 4's Today Programme and has written for City AM, the Daily Telegraph and The Times. 
C-Suite insights: CEOs plan for post-crisis economy
A recent Fortune/Deloitte CEO Survey asked CEOs from 15 industries about their companies’ COVID-19 outlook. Survey findings include:
  • CEOs of technology and financial services companies are among the most optimistic about returning to pre-pandemic levels of revenues and employment.
  • The pandemic is driving a structural shift in work, workforce, and workplace. Surveyed CEOs predict a sustained, structural shift in how and where people work. While CEOs estimate that a minority (13%) of their workforce worked remotely before the crisis, they project over a third (36%) will do so within the next two years.
  • CEOs are looking toward new opportunities. 77% report that the crisis created significant new opportunity for their companies. Many CEOs are reporting increases in investment - most frequently in workplace safety, technology and IT infrastructure, consumer experience, and innovation.
  • CEOs have a surprisingly optimistic outlook about how fast their companies will return to pre-crisis levels. A small majority of CEOs believe headcount and revenue will bounce back by the end of the year, indicating that they do not expect a sustained downturn. 

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