C-Suite Intelligence 23rd October 2020

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Study confirms we are working longer and attending more meetings

Harvard Business School

An analysis of the emails and meetings of 3.1 million people in 16 global cities found that the average workday increased by 8.2% during the pandemic. Employees also participated in more meetings, though for less time than they did before COVID-19 sent many workers home.

This article provides a summary of the study and provides advice to leaders of remote workforces including:
  • Empathise with workers’ unique circumstances. Managers need to know what their employees are juggling to provide the right professional support.
  • Focus on output, not hours. It’s virtually impossible to track how employees are actually using their time. Instead, managers should focus on the quality of their work.
  • Expect wide differences in productivity across employees, for now. While some people will find working from home energising, many employees probably won’t be able to be as effective as they normally are.


Four ways to assess projects and keep them on track

McKinsey & Company

This podcast (available in audio and transcript form) explores techniques that executives can use to overcome cognitive and organisational biases. It also shares research on effective decision making and discusses topics including:
  • Ways to avoid snap judgments.
  • How to elicit strong arguments for and against proposals.
  • The benefits of carrying out project 'premortems'.​​​​​​
  • Using contingency plans to avoid the so-called sunk-cost fallacy.

Digital transformation of the finance function: how the finance function remains relevant in the new world of big data and analytics

Oliver Wyman

The finance function faces the risk of being reduced to an efficiency-first support role.

By redefining its value contribution and self-perception, finance can seize the opportunities that digitalization offers to develop into a digital driver that shapes the digital landscape of the entire organisation.

This report offers practical insights and actionable steps on how finance can become the digital driver of an organisation. The key is to communicate this vision clearly, empower your agile teams, harness the opportunities of big data and AI, and start small and grow fast.

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