C-Suite Intelligence 23rd November 2020

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Three keys to better decision making during times of uncertainty

Bain & Company

Research has found a consistent correlation between a company’s ability to effectively make and execute decisions and its financial performance over time.

On average, over five years, companies that excel in decision effectiveness grow profits as measured by earnings before taxes at a rate 5.5 times that of their peers.This article details three key actions to improve organisational decision making:

  1. Improve data tracking and visibility
  2. Broaden the experts and resources tapped
  3. Make decisions at the right level

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The Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity


The notion of “zero trust” is rapidly evolving as a preferred approach to cybersecurity. Zero trust is an ongoing process of building security that enforces the concept of “least privilege” as it relates to access control.

The zero-trust framework suggests that users, workloads, networks, and devices are contextualised so that access control decisions can be more informed and risk driven. It typically involves a significant commitment and a comprehensive effort to rework user and system access throughout an organisation.

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Remote agile transformations in turbulent times

McKinsey & Company

This in-depth article provides four examples of organisations changing their operating model when working remotely, suggesting four important issues to consider:

  1. Don’t skip the ABCs. Before diving into the transformation, spend enough time together up front, as a top team, to think about your aspirations, the basics of agile work, and the commitment it requires to succeed.
  2. Start with frontrunners. Although some organisations have launched radical “big bang” agile transformations, most approach agile in steps or launch limited pilots—for example, in one country.
  3. Drive holistic change, especially its human aspects. Agile is not about new reporting structures.
  4. People over process. Even more important, agile represents a fundamental change in the culture and in expectations. Make sure that your employees’ journey of change is transformative, but not too disruptive. Remote work increases the need to double down on communication, to support human-to-human connections, and to offer practical support to people during the transition.

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