C-Suite Intelligence 22nd September 2020

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Working from home - be careful what you wish for

Kevin McCullagh, Plan

This nuanced and intelligent article is essential reading for leaders considering the long-term pattern of work within their organisations. It warns that many of the benefits of WFH may be based on a bank of cultural capital that can be quickly eroded. It cautions leaders to consider the potential long-term downsides, including:

  • Productivity mirage
  • Stilted innovation
  • Laboured communication
  • Constrained learning
  • Culture erosion
  • ‘Gigified’ jobs


10 ways to manage your energy at work


Increasingly, leaders are called to work longer hours, but without properly managing their energy, longer hours may only lead to burnout.

This article expands upon the following practices that will help you to maximise your energy levels:
  1. Create protected time in your schedule
  2. Notice your thoughts
  3. Start your day with the big projects
  4. Know how your strengths can deceive you
  5. Invest first
  6. Know what energy to use when
  7. Adjust physically and mentally
  8. Plan your rituals of recovery
  9. Create a new 'mental playlist'
  10. Determine productive energy for the situation

What to do when stress puts you in “survival mode”


With COVID-19 increasing stress levels, it’s more important than ever for leaders to manage ingrained stress responses so that they can make clear-headed decisions.

Leaders know that they have unhealthy levels of stress but often think, “That’s just the price to pay for success,” and they don’t know what to change. They actually rely on the adrenaline of external pressure - a tight deadline, potential failure - to stop procrastinating and shift into high gear.

They have a high tolerance for stress, so they overestimate their ability to cope and don't even recognise to what degree they’re in survival mode because it’s been their mode of operation for so long.

Stretch or safe? The art of setting goals for your teams

Strategy + Business

Uncertainty is raising new challenges for a fundamental leadership skill: goal setting. It is as much an art as a science, because it requires finding the sweet spot between the aspirational and the realistic.

The business leader’s job is to set an ambitious target that will bring out the best in a company’s teams and achieve what may seem impossible at first.

There are considerable risks for leaders in being too ambitious. A stretch goal that is unrealistic may be more enervating than energising for your team. In this article, leaders share how they find the right balance.

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