C-Suite Intelligence 22nd October 2020

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Employees – turning spectators into fans

Watson Helsby

Internal Communications (IC) is a function whose purpose, remit, expertise and impact urgently needs redefining, if not reinventing, in light of changes in the workplace and business landscape as a whole.

This research report argues that companies, and their leaders, need a function to help them both understand and influence employees’ thinking and behaviour and someone to help steward their internal reputation and help build trust, belief and a sense of purpose that resonates with employees.

CEOs and business leaders are unlikely to get this from a function whose skill set and modus operandi is largely transactional. Consequently the function’s purpose, remit, blend of skills and capability and (in many cases) its leadership, require a complete rethink and redefinition. The report describes how and why the function should be reimagined.


Three reasons why AI and machine learning projects fail - and how to avoid them


What are the main reasons AI and machine learning projects fail?
  • Reason 1: Lack of buy-in from your people - Solution: Bring people together with a clear vision and purpose.
  • Reason 2: No common definition of success - Solution: Clearly define goals and objectives.
  • Reason 3: Boxed-in thinking - Solution: get out of the box.

Five start-up hubs to watch – and we don’t mean Silicon Valley

World Economic Forum

Start-ups were once synonymous with Silicon Valley or London - but that's no longer the case. This article looks at five emerging global start-up hotspots, and ask which factors make each one so attractive to today's tech entrepreneurs.
  1. Singapore
  2. Israel
  3. The Republic of Korea
  4. Kenya
  5. Brazil
Each hotspot has its own unique culture and approach towards building vibrant start-up ecosystems. As the COVID-19 situation is likely to negatively impact the operating environment for start-up founders, it will be interesting to see how each country implements its own unique methods for supporting each start-up ecosystem to survive through the unprecedented challenges that we face today.

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