C-Suite Intelligence 22nd January 2021

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Winmark Technical Partner WhiteHat becomes Multiverse and closes $44m Series B funding round


Winmark Technical Partner WhiteHat is changing its name to Multivers- a name that reflects its belief in creating limitless opportunities for everyone who wants to have a successful and fulfilling career.

They have also completed the largest venture round of any EdTech company in UK history. The $44m Series B funding was led by General Catalyst, the backers of Airbnb, Snapchat and Deliveroo and GV (Google Ventures).

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Blockchains can change the way we collaborate

London School of Economics

Blockchains are disrupting the business world, and their impact on the global economy will only continue to grow over the next decade. While blockchains have previously been used mainly in the financial sector, they are becoming more and more widespread across all kinds of industries. But what changes do they bring to the table?

Blockchains may help address key challenges inherent in interpersonal and interorganisational collaborations. Blockchains can be simply understood as digital ledgers where several entities have joint control over the shared information. The technical design of blockchains makes it virtually impossible for any single party to unilaterally change what has been recorded. In this way, blockchains greatly enhance the security, credibility, and auditability for every piece of information that has been verified and recorded.

In addition to ensuring security, blockchains also enhance the speed and lower the costs of information sharing and communication. Like any other solution, blockchains are appropriate only for certain types of collaborations. Overlooking the disruptive effect of blockchains on the way collaborations are structured and implemented, managers may run the risk of falling behind others in today’s competitive economic environment.


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Nine keys to becoming a future-ready company

McKinsey & Company

This article explores the organisational practices of 30 top companies to identify the following characteristics of future-ready companies.

  • They know who they are and what they stand for
  • They operate with a fixation on speed and simplicity
  • They grow by scaling up their ability to learn, innovate, and seek good ideas regardless of their origin.

By embracing these fundamentals (through nine organisational imperatives that underpin them – see diagram below) companies improve their odds of thriving in the next normal.

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