C-Suite Intelligence 21st October 2020

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Making History: What black talent in tech really wants you to know

28th October 03:00 PM

Diversity is at the forefront of every business' agenda. But do you really know what encourages the brightest black talent to want to work for your organisation initially and stay on for years?

Find out in this webinar where business leaders will have a unique opportunity to hear directly from young black apprentices (in tech teams at organisations like Depop and Ipsos Mori) about what they want organisations to do to make a positive change in diversifying the workforce.


Towards more agile key account management

London School of Economics

Agility has significant potential for improving the way companies sell their solutions, especially in B2B environments. The main challenge is to coordinate effectively and efficiently all those functions involved while interfacing with the equally multi-faceted and complicated network of decision makers and influencers on the customer’s side.

This doesn’t always work. Poor alignment and friction frequently result in delays, rigidity, and sub-optimal fulfilment of customer’s requests. The current context of a global pandemic, with limited in-person meetings, has exacerbated the issue, making coordination and alignment even more difficult internally and with the customer organisation.

This piece provides suggestions, based on real life case studies, for optimising key account management agility.

CEOs need to take the lead on upskilling

Strategy + Business

Upskilling should be a priority in a world where the speed of change is unprecedented and the path ahead is ambiguous and uncertain. Here are four areas in which CEOs can make the case for upskilling.
  1. Focus on upskilling that delivers business strategy. Now is the perfect opportunity for leaders to take advantage of this aspiration and align it with their upskilling initiatives and business goals. That means assessing where everyone is with regard to tech and other crucial skills, such as problem-solving and the ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams.
  2. Prioritise employee engagement and experience. There’s a measurable connection between successful upskilling and employee engagement.
  3. Boost productivity. In a recent global survey of office workers by software company UiPath, 80% of workers said they would expect to be more productive if they learned new skills, and 88% said they’d be more willing to continue working at a company that offered upskilling and reskilling opportunities.
  4. Embrace a growth mindset to inspire lifelong learning. CEOs can both have and lead with a growth mindset and should encourage their workforce to evolve.

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