C-Suite Intelligence 21st May 2020

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How the Pandemic may change our business future
Baillie Gifford
This paper from Baillie Gifford considers the question of what lasting habit changes will arise from the pandemic. It also considers possible investment implications and highlights ‘winners’ such as Amazon , Zoom, Slack and Teladoc.
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Planning for uncertainty: performance management under COVID-19
McKinsey & Company
“The five-year plan that we would be sending to the board right now is completely out the window. How do we plan in this environment when we don’t know what is going to happen?”
Clearly, companies’ existing plans and assumptions will need to be revised in light of the rapidly changing global health situation, which is creating uneven economic effects across all industries.
Financial planning and performance management requires a new, systematic approach, one that will allow the CFO and finance team to quickly alert the company to options emerging as a result of the coronavirus. The financial-planning team should focus on the following five steps: 
  1. Get a clear view of the company’s starting position
  2. Build a fact base and use it to develop a range of scenarios
  3. Align financial plan with the “direction of travel”
  4. Determine best actions and moves
  5. identify the “trigger points” that will prompt the business to adjust and adapt forecasts and financial plans 
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The SARS epidemic threatened Alibaba’s survival in 2003 – here’s how it came through
This CNBC article summarises how Alibaba survived and thrived through the SARS epidemic.

What lessons can be learnt from their experience and who will be the Alibaba of the current crisis?
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COVID-19: Tech lessons learned
3Gi Technology
This draft whitepaper from 3Gi Technology provides a five-point checklist to ensure you can scale back tech costs throughout the pandemic period. It also outlines items to have in place to be well prepared for future emergencies.
Read the draft whitepaper here.  

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