C-Suite Intelligence 21st December 2020

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Why capable people are reluctant to lead

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review conducted several quantitative and qualitative studies to explore why capable people are reluctant to lead. They found three specific types of perceived risks that deter people:

  1. Interpersonal risk
  2. Image risk
  3. Risk of being blamed

There are three proactive steps that leaders can take to mitigate these perceived risks and nurture leadership at all levels:

  1. Go the extra mile to support your more risk-sensitive colleagues
  2. Manage conflict - and how people interpret it
  3. Find low-stakes opportunities for people to try out leadership

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Growing through a pandemic: Jason Goodman, CEO & co-founder of Eastnine


Winmark NED network partner Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) have collected personal stories from top professionals providing rich lessons on how to navigate rapid growth.

This Growth Story is from Jason Goodman, CEO of Eastnine, a company that set out to democratise the world of personalised training.


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Report: Tech Trends 2021


In last Friday’s C-Suite Intelligence we featured three of tech trends for 2021 as predicted by Deloitte. Here we present the full Tech Trends 2021 report.

A growing number of organisations across sectors are accelerating their digital transformation efforts not only to make their operations nimbler and more efficient but to respond to dramatic fluctuations in demand and customer expectation.

In 2021 CIOs and other leaders will need to continue to demonstrate the resilience required to get back on their feet.

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