C-Suite Intelligence 20th August 2020

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Ask these questions first before using data in your business decisions

When it comes to making a business more effective and efficient, business decision-makers are turning to the raw material of big data. However, the benefits of data analytics are a direct result of what data is being measured, the perspective from which the data is interpreted and how it is being applied to your business.


So, what is the best way to approach the data your company obtains? This article looks at four basic questions organisational heads should ask themselves about the data they acquire for their company before applying it:


1. What is the correct data?

2. What is a true KPI?

3. Where are the gaps in your data?

4. What should the data impact?



Three steps to strengthen the human element of digital transformation
Infosys Consulting

Organisations across every sector are undertaking enormous digital transformations in every aspect of their business. Navigating myriad change initiatives can be overwhelming for the stakeholders involved. The stakes are high and engaging your employees, customers, and partners along these turbulent change journeys are paramount to your success. 


This article discusses the three important aspects that businesses must consider to empower the ‘human element’ of digital transformations:


1. Successful digital transformations begin with people

2. Is your organisation and its people ready for the journey?

3. What are the milestones along the way?

Are your D&I efforts helping employees feel like they belong?
Harvard Business Review

Diversity brings many benefits to organisations — but it is not enough on its own. An organisation with a diverse workforce is not necessarily an inclusive one. Diversity efforts now often fall under the banner of “Diversity and Inclusion” for this reason, but new research shows that inclusion may also fall short because it does not necessarily lead to a sense of belonging.


People want their social group to be included and their individual self to belong. These are two different things. Managers can hit both targets when diversity initiatives do consider social identity, but inclusion initiatives focus on the individual. Managers should not only signal that a social identity is valued, but also that the individual is valued, as a person, not just on the basis of the social group they represent. Support and recognition from coworkers, particularly those in leadership positions, foster feelings of inclusion and belonging.


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