C-Suite Intelligence 1st September 2020

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How digitisation and innovation can make the post-COVID world a better place
World Economic Forum
COVID-19 has presented one of the most formidable challenges in recent history to governments, businesses, and society. Many consider it to be the ultimate tipping point for the 21st-century. The pandemic is a wake-up call for companies to have a plan to deal with disruptions to ensure business continuity. It is also a watershed moment that will signal the fast-track acceleration process for digitisation throughout society.
There is enormous potential for digitisation and innovation to add value to society and to mitigate important issues, including public health, our environment and biodiversity.
This article outlines how by harnessing the potential for stakeholders to collaborate with each other, there is a real chance to radically rethink value chains to make sure a digitised, connected world will “build back better” from the current crisis.


Business Process Management (BPM) explained
This document explains what Business Process Management (BPM) is, the logic behind it, the types of providers in the market and provides example of successful BPM implementation.
Four ways businesses are transforming for good in an era of uncertainty
Standard Chartered
In an era when the term “essential” has entered the global lexicon, for businesses around the world digital transformation is proving to be the most essential journey of all.
The COVID-19 pandemic is inflicting a painful human and economic toll, but underlying that pain is the hope that the world can emerge stronger. No one can be certain about what the future will bring, but COVID-19 has forced businesses to reflect and rethink traditional ways of doing business. This article highlights four ways businesses are transforming for good in an era of uncertainty. 
  1. Revolutionising trade and supply chains
  2. Dramatic increase in B2B e-commerce
  3. Unprecedented focus on end-to-end digitisation
  4. Operational agility emerges as the new business mantra
In times of unprecedented change, delaying digital transformation cannot be an option
IT ProPortal
Recent research from the Global Data Centers, a division of NTT, revealed that more than half of digital transformation projects are currently delayed due to ‘the hesitancy gap’. According to the study, IT teams are costing businesses millions by laying the groundwork for digital transformation projects and not fully executing them, despite being in favour of many emerging technologies.
Organisations should not hesitate to push on with digital transformation projects. In fact, now if a good time to kick start or continue the digital transformation journey as people are more open than ever to adapting and changing their lifestyles. 

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