C-Suite Intelligence 19th August 2020

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Covid-19: Saving thousands of lives and trillions in livelihoods 


The novel coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns have halted economic activity in nearly unprecedented ways. The economic impact has been dramatic, and it seems reasonable to assume that lifting lockdowns would provide a proportional stimulus. However, the facts now show that the ultimate economic impact is not driven solely by lockdowns, whose economic effects have been highly varied. Lifting lockdown restrictions may not by itself be sufficient to restart growth.

The inescapable conclusion is that the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its associated health risks has caused many individuals, households, and businesses to opt out of normal activity—even if no formal restrictions are in place. Eliminating that uncertainty is essential to restart growth.

There is still time for countries pursuing a balancing-act strategy to increase their chances of achieving significantly better outcomes for lives and livelihoods.


Six ways to come back from the pandemic with a stronger team

The future of work arrived out of nowhere, on the back of a once-in-a-century pandemic. Team dynamics got challenged as members dealt with illness, trauma, and crisis. We've all been forced to rapidly and radically adapt to new working norms. 

This article looks at agility, co-creation, empathy, accountability, generosity and candour, and how these values can and should be made a permanent part of work going forward.

How to make the most of a Chief Sustainability Officer

A novelty in the C-suite not so long ago, the chief sustainability officer (CSO) is fast becoming a fixture in companies of note as climate change and inequality increasingly dominate global attention. Less clear is the CSO’s remit and how the role affects a company’s sustainability performance. Having come into being only in the last two decades, the CSO is still evolving. 

In general, the CSO's main job is to monitor and identify areas of concern and action and to offer suggestions on how the company might be able to perform better. This involves more engagement in socially responsible activities and less in socially irresponsible ones.

As the CSO becomes increasingly indispensable to a firm’s bottom line, it may just be a matter of time before the job, like the chief financial officer or chief strategy officer, turns into a stepping stone to the apex of the C-suite.



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