C-Suite Intelligence 18th November 2020

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Cyber threat trends to watch out for in 2021

Booz Allen

This report covers key cyber threat trends anticipated for 2021 including:

  • Next-generation extortion and evolution in malware business models
  • Supply chain attacks via cloud-hosted development environments
  • AI, evasion, and theft
  • Mandated contact tracing apps may open doors for large-scale cyber attacks
  • 5G to expand the attack surface for industrial Internet of Things (IOT) and to increase security pressure on mobile hotspots

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How organisations can create engagement when managing change


To effectively design and deploy an impactful change experience and then scale it within complex organisation structures, companies need to take an agile and iterative approach that focuses on purpose, insight, personalisation and (immersive) interaction.

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Why company culture is more relevant than ever, and how to reshape it


Purpose and culture are the heartbeat of every organisation. Getting them right turns strategy into reality, whereas, getting them wrong can be disastrous. Now, more than ever, leaders have an opportunity to intentionally shape their culture for recovery and beyond.

In successful companies, there’s a strong connection between strategy and culture. In fact, strategy is the main driver of cultural change. As business objectives shift, your ability to deliver on them will be determined by your people’s motivation and ability to succeed.

This article provides practical actions you can take to create a culture vision and engage the broader organisation.

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