C-Suite Intelligence 18th December 2020

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Tech trends 2021


Three of this year’s trends focus on alignment of organisational and tech strategies, along with the technologies that support them:

  1. Strategy, engineered. Corporate strategy development is changing from an infrequent, labour-intensive process to one that is continuous and dynamic as more organisations use advanced technology platforms to help them think more expansively about where to play and how to win.
  2. Core revival. As the C-suite increasingly views technology modernisation as an imperative, some pioneering IT leaders are embracing new approaches, technologies, and business cases to re-engineer traditional business cases for core modernisation.
  3. Supply unchained. Future-focused manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and others are exploring ways to transform the supply chain cost centre into a customer-focused driver of value.

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How envy impacts anxiety and leadership

Harvard Business Review

In this podcast Nihar Chhaya talks about how envy, "fear of missing out" (FOMO), and the illusion of scarcity can contribute to anxiety and depression, and how leaders can cope.

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12 highlights from McKinsey Global Institute 2020 research

McKinsey & Company

These 12 charts distil some of the best research from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) over the course of a year of shocks.

From new risks such as COVID-19’s impact on global health and economy, to long-term challenges such as climate change, 2020 was an extraordinary year. This infographic encompasses the most important charts from the past year.

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