C-Suite Intelligence 17th November 2020

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When do you need a chief restructuring officer (CRO)?

McKinsey & Company

This article explores when and why companies need a CRO. It examines their special blend of analytical and functional expertise, which, when combined with an innate ability to communicate numbers, concepts, and solutions to people, can restructure a balance sheet.

It’s a blend of skills expected to be in increasing demand, as external shocks, such as COVID, cause global economic uncertainty, hindering businesses’ ability to manage their finances.


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Responsible Reward: the integration of remuneration and sustainability


In this podcast Caroline Flammer, Associate Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Boston University, shares her view of Responsible Reward: the integration of remuneration and sustainability. The following topics are covered:

  • The role of incentives in long-term thinking and business strategy
  • Whether a long-term orientation does create shareholder value
  • How firms link social and environmental performance targets to compensation, and the pitfalls to avoid.

How to evolve a healthy corporate culture in a remote working world


Given the importance of corporate culture and our move to a more remote workforce, business leaders must pause to assess the current state of their culture and deliberately evolve it to allow them to achieve their business, people and customer objectives.

This article suggests six critical practices to evolve a healthy working culture:
  1. Take the tone at the top seriously as messaging really matters
  2. Make managers the central point in sustaining, evolving and operationalising values through behaviours
  3. Know your influencer network and drive change through them
  4. Trust your people to set their own boundaries for remote work and don’t overload them
  5. Be acutely aware of and quick to act on ethical issues and behavioural risks
  6. Focus on inclusion in everyday behaviours, not just pragmatically

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