C-Suite Intelligence 17th June 2020

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Fostering employee mental health through COVID-19
McKinsey & Company
As the uncertainties caused by COVID-19 continue to disrupt work environments, business leaders must be mindful of how they can improve employees’ mental health and morale. In this podcast, McKinsey’s Tom Welchman discusses several issues that leaders can keep in mind as they try to support employees. 
  • Flexibility is crucial. This is particularly true for working parents and other caregivers.
  • Employees need support for mind, body, and purpose. Leaders can create opportunities for employees to pause and reflect, encourage healthy habits such as getting enough sleep, and develop a sense of community and shared purpose.
  • Remote working may be here to stay. As such, companies need to consider what changes they need to make to maintain employees’ productivity and motivation. Adapted team structures, effective two-way communication, and clear expectations will likely characterise successful efforts.
  • Companies’ actions now could have a long-term reputational impact. Demonstrating empathy and flexibility, prioritising workers’ mental health, and creating psychological safety can have a meaningful impact not only on employee experience but also on how the employer is seen going forward. 
Listen to the podcast or read the full transcript at the link below.

Restarting business with security in mind
As governments start relaxing COVID-related lockdown requirements, staff will begin returning to the office in greater numbers. With health and safety paramount, what changes to working practices should be considered to maintain security and effectively manage your security team?
The CISO should ensure they're looped into conversations between Human Resources, Facilities, Legal and IT to guarantee adequate consideration is given to security and privacy in the new 'return to the office' environment. As well as providing input on the risks, the CISO should consider what practical guidance they could offer.
How to do performance reviews remotely
Harvard Business Review
This article provides case studies and expert advice to help you effectively manage remote performance reviews, including suggesting the following key principles: 
  • Approach your evaluations with flexibility, leniency, empathy, and compassion.
  • Recognise and show appreciation for employees who are engaged and working hard.
  • Use video. It is more personal and humane.
  • Give poor performers a time-bound grace period to get used to working remotely and to turn things around.
  • Ask colleagues and reports for information on how well other employees are communicating, collaborating, and helping.
  • Do not revert to business as usual  - think about how to do performance reviews better. 
Resilient leadership
A resilient organisation is not one that is simply able to return to where it left off before the crisis. it is one that has built the attitudes, agility and structures that enable it to not just recover, but to move forward.
The focus of leadership expands from a very inward, and entirely appropriate, focus on employee safety and operational continuity to include embracing a return to a market-facing posture. Leaders should envision the destination in terms of desired stakeholder outcomes, not internal processes. They should seize the opportunity to energize their teams by imagining a successful future and embracing trust as the catalyst to get there.

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