C-Suite Intelligence 17th July 2020

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The upside of virtual board meetings
Harvard Business Review
This article makes an argument that virtual board meetings can be better than the real thing. Aside from the obvious benefits of reduced travel and increased attendance, shifting to virtual has allowed boards to improve governance and collaboration through shorter agendas, crisper presentations, more inclusive and bolder conversations, and broader exposure to key executives and outside experts.
A checklist is also provided for how to ensure an excellent virtual board meeting.


C-Suite embraces blockchain as business priority
More than a decade after blockchain emerged as a cutting-edge innovation, a new survey finds that the technology could be on its way to becoming an embedded business tool.
The survey indicates that solutions enabled by blockchain are being put into production across various industries and regions and that blockchain solutions could gain even greater traction within the global business community over the next 12 to 24 months.   
Don’t let the COVID-19 ‘leadership bump’ fade away
Bain & Company
For leaders seeking to hold on to recent positive changes, a good place to start is by asking themselves and their teams a few probing questions:
  • What have been the largest day-to-day differences for us as company leaders and for our executive team?
  • What has this crisis revealed about the way our leadership team operates? Where did we excel and where did we fail?
  • Overall, what are the two or three positive changes that we don’t want to lose as we recover?
  • How can our organisation sustain these changes in the absence of a crisis? What is required to maintain our sense of urgency, autonomy and unity behind a common purpose?

Remote working after COVID-19: mixed working models
Recent research into remote working suggests mixed models may be more effective than full home working. Some workers may be struggling to be productive entirely at home, but could do very well in a mixed model. 
Mixed remote working models, although potentially complex and difficult to implement, are not only desirable but necessary for many office-based businesses in a post-COVID world. They offer a range of financial and non-financial benefits.   

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